Attention to detail is our specialty.  As pictured above, the final layer of Stabilized DG is perfectly hand screeded prior to the last compaction.

Pictured above is an French drain, which is an underground drainage system used to correct faulty grades. Prior to the spreading of Stabilized DG, a perforated pipe wrapped with a filter sock was installed.

Pictured above is the finished subbase, with all existing large depressions and ruts filled with aggregate base and compacted.

Stabilized Decomposed Granite Installation

For a more natural looking driveway or walkway, look beyond brick, concrete or asphalt. Stabilized Decomposed Granite is the least expensive way to pave a driveway, walkway, or patio area, without any worries of shifting, cracking, staining, or costly maintenance.

Stabilized DG is made up of granite aggregates in sizes 3/8" or 1/4" minus, and is mixed with a nano polymer to create a compacted surface perfect for driving or walking.

Soon after the installation, this material will develop loose rock particles on the surface creating a very natural and organic appearance. Below the loose surface rock, the driveway or pathway will be stable to support traffic.

Jacobs Contracting offers Stabilized DG in many color choices. Choose from subtle hues of gray-blue, red, tan, brown, and gold.  All of which have been quarried locally and will surely blend in beautifully with your existing landscape and home facade.

Pricing for Stabilized DG material and installation has many variables to consider when estimating such as; existing driveway and/or pathway condition, excavation, grading, drainage, subgrade site preparation, borders, and more.

Permeable paving has become very popular among home and business owners in the past couple of years and is a viable, cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing option to consider. Stabilized DG doesn’t just look good, since Jacobs Contracting will recycle your old brick, concrete or asphalt driveway, it’s also beneficial to our environment.

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